Turkiye becomes one of top choices for international golf lovers with its stunning courses

Country welcomes approximately 130 thousand golf tourists a year, which shows great potential for golf

Turkiye has established itself as a premier destination for golf tourism, attracting around 130 thousand golfers every year.

The country’s stunning golf courses and scenic locations have made it one of the top attraction centers for golf enthusiasts around the world. With its mild climate and beautiful landscapes, Turkiye offers the perfect setting for golfers to enjoy their favorite sport.

Speaking to Anadolu in an interview, International Association of Golf Tour Operators Turkiye Representative Cahit Sahin said that the Belek Tourism Center,which boasts 17 out of the 22 golf courses in the country, has been serving golfers for 12 months.

Sahin stressed that 2019, which was the best year for tourism, the guests played around 600 thousand games, and they are targeting 700 thousand for the upcoming 2022-2023 season.

He also noted that the diversity of players had increased this year. Belek’s excellent facilities and services make it a prime destination for golf enthusiasts looking for a unique and enjoyable golfing experience.

“We proudly say this, we have become an indispensable region in golf,” Sahin added.

Golf generates $5 billion annual income in Spain

Emphasizing that golf has an important potential in Antalya tourism, he noted that the climate, courses and the location of the city are ideal for golf.

“Average income per person is €1,500 ($1,600), and we welcome approximately 130 thousand guests every year, many of whom return for multiple visits throughout the year. This has resulted in an annual income of around $325 million for Antalya’s golf tourism industry,” he added.

He stressed that these are not large numbers are not much when compared to competing countries, stressing, “Spain earns around $5 billion a year from golf. There are around 400 golf courses.”


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