Turkiye: Diesel and LPG car sales surpassed gasoline car sales in automobile sales

While the number of gasoline-powered cars has decreased rapidly in Turkiye in the last 20 years, there has been a significant increase in the number of diesel and LPG vehicles. Gasoline vehicles dropped to 28.7% last year, losing their place to diesel and LPG vehicles.

According to Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) data, 35.6% of the cars registered to traffic in 2023 were diesel, 33.5% were LPG, 28.7% were gasoline and 2% were electric and hybrid fuel type vehicles.

There has been a significant increase in the proportion of diesel cars in traffic in the last 20 years. While the rate in question was 4.7% in 2004, it reached 35.6% last year. The number of diesel cars was recorded as 252 thousand 629 in 2004. As of the end of last year, this amount was recorded as 5 million 425 thousand 652.

The number of gasoline-powered cars in traffic has increased slightly in the last 20 years. During this period, the number of gasoline vehicles increased by 7.4%, from 4 million 62 thousand 486 to 4 million 362 thousand 975.

During this period, the rate of LPG vehicles increased from 14.7% to 33.5%. The number of gasoline cars in traffic increased from 793 thousand 81 20 years ago to 5 million 94 thousand 751 last year.

The number of electric and hybrid vehicles increased regularly during the said period, increasing their rate in traffic from zero to 2%. While the number of vehicles of this type was 47 in 2011, when it started to be used, it reached 302 thousand 371 by the end of last year.

Fuel consumption was effective in choosing diesel and LPG

In his evaluation, Aydin Erkoc, President of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Federation (MASFED), said that one of the main reasons why the rate of registered diesel and LPG cars is ahead of gasoline cars is that cars using this type of fuel consume less fuel than gasoline cars.

Stating that LPG vehicles are preferred by users due to their low liter prices, Erkoc said, “Although the liter price of diesel is the same as gasoline, the reason why diesel fuel is preferred is that the energy production per liter of diesel fuel is higher than gasoline. In addition, diesel vehicles can reach higher torque values than gasoline vehicles. This ensures their powerful operation at low revs.”

“The fire risk is lower in diesel engine vehicles”

Erkoc stated that another difference between gasoline and diesel vehicles is the safe driving experience and said, “Since the fire risk in diesel engine vehicles is lower than gasoline vehicles, they are also preferred in terms of life safety in traffic.”

In addition, stating that vehicles using diesel fuel are more environmentally friendly than gasoline vehicles, Erkoc said, “The fact that they can produce up to 20% more energy with the same amount of fuel greatly reduces the carbon footprint and causes less carbon dioxide production. This makes diesel vehicles more environmentally friendly than gasoline vehicles. In addition, when we evaluate second-hand sales prices, we can say that diesel engine vehicles are sold at higher prices than their equivalent gasoline vehicles.”

Erkoc pointed out that there is a serious increase in the use of electric vehicles in Turkiye, as in the rest of the world, and said:

“While world-famous automobile companies announce that they will reduce the production of internal combustion engines, the variety of electric vehicles is also increasing. The fact that electric vehicles are quiet and environmentally friendly, and the number of charging stations are increasing, are also important reasons for choosing these vehicles.” ​​​​​​​

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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