Turkiye Embarks on 6G Technology, Aims to Launch First Domestic Satellite Turksat 6A

Minister Uraloğlu highlights Türkiye’s digital infrastructure growth and Türksat 6A satellite launch, marking a future of innovation and digital literacy.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Abdulkadir Uraloğlu announced on Saturday Türkiye’s significant strides toward embracing next-generation digital technology, alongside reaffirming the nation’s ambition to deploy its inaugural locally produced communication satellite, Türksat 6A, within the year. Speaking at the Terminal Istanbul project’s introduction,Uraloğlu underscored the pivotal role of digital literacy, domestic innovation, and the necessity for a digital society in national development.

Advancing Digital Infrastructure and Literacy

Uraloğlu detailed Türkiye’s efforts in expanding its digital infrastructure to combat the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which underscored the indispensability of digitalization. He revealed plans to extend the country’s fiber infrastructure to 600,000 kilometers by year-end, aiming for an increase to over 850,000 kilometers by 2028. Furthermore, Türkiye’s broadband internet subscribers have soared to 94.3 million, a testament to the significant advancements in its digital landscape.

Local and National Technological Innovations

Highlighting the ministry’s commitment to localization and nationalization in technology, Uraloğlu announced progress in the development of 5G infrastructure and the initiation of 6G technology preparations. The development of a 5G core network, base stations, and specific management, service, and software products are among the innovative projects underway. Additionally, the anticipated launch of Türksat 6A underscores Türkiye’s determination to claim its stake in the global communications satellite sector.

Empowering Entrepreneurship and Technological Development

Uraloğlu pointed out Türkiye’s ranking as 10th among European countries in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, attributing this achievement to its strategic geographical position and youthful demographic. The Terminal Istanbul project, leveraging Atatürk Airport’s infrastructure, is envisioned as a catalyst for thousands of startups, fostering a culture of science, technology awareness, and competence across society. This initiative is set to position Türkiye at the forefront of digital transformation and technological innovation.

As Türkiye strides toward these ambitious technological milestones, the country is not just preparing for the future of digital communication but is also setting the stage for a vibrant, technology-driven economy. With these strategic steps, Türkiye is poised to become a pivotal player in the global arena of digital innovation and infrastructure development, potentially reshaping its socio-economic landscape for decades to come.

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