Turkiye: Font size adjustment to be imposed for foreign signboards

The Interior Ministry has mandated foreign expressions on shop signs to be no more than 25 percent of the font size of Turkish characters.

As the number of signboards written in foreign languages, especially in English and Arabic, have been soaring throughout the country, recently, a citizen from the northwestern province of Bursa wrote a petition to the Parliament requesting “the prevention of the use of foreign signboards.”

In a response sent from the Interior Ministry regarding the petition,it was stated that the ministry has conducted several evaluations across the nation and has come to a conclusion that the signboards of some workplaces operated by foreigners living in various legal statuses in the country are contrary to the rules set by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).

“According to the TSE’s set of rules for signboards used in institutions and organizations; it is stated that the use of Turkish words in the signs to be used in workplaces is essential. In line with the relevant decision of TSE, foreign expressions to be used in signboards should be written in sizes and fonts that do not exceed 25 percent of Turkish expressions,” the ministry stressed, noting that metropolitan and district municipalities are authorized to set their own standards for billboards and identification signs.

“In addition, under the coordination of governors and mayors; ‘Provincial/District Audit Commissions’ have been established with the participation of representatives of provincial migration administration directorates, law enforcement agencies, local governments, relevant public institutions and organizations, professional chambers and relevant non-governmental organizations. These commissions will be carrying out inspections,” the ministry added.


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