Turkiye: Foreign fund flows to increase

Treasury and Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek expects foreign fund flows to Türkiye to increase in the period ahead.

There is strong interest in Türkiye from international investors, Şimşek said in an interview with private broadcaster AHaber, adding that the government’s economic program offers an important opportunity.

“There have been some foreign fund inflows. We expect this [fund flows] to gather pace in the coming period. We are in the early stages of implementing the program,” he said.

Şimşek was in London for investors meetings.

“We had meetings for three days with people from the investment community, including investment funds, investment banks and infrastructure funds. There is great interest in Türkiye. This is normal, because Türkiye has great potential.”

More than 85 institutions sent their representatives to those meetings, Şimşek said.

Under the economic program, the government has taken important steps, according to the minister.

Türkiye is moving toward anchoring inflation, Şimşek said, adding that and annual inflation would fall in the second half of next year. “On a monthly basis, inflation will begin to lose momentum significantly.”

They are working to strengthen Türkiye’s resilience to external shocks, he said, noting that international reserves have been increasing since May. “Accumulating reserves is important, and this will continue.”

The economic program is not one dimensional, he also said.

“There is rationalization in monetary policy. We are reinstating fiscal discipline. There is discipline in fiscal policy. There are external resources to support all these. The aim is to achieve high sustainable growth in the medium and long term,” Şimşek said.


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