Turkiye: HISE GLOBAL to join forces with French architecture giant

Turkish technical consultancy firm HISE GLOBAL has signed a strategic alliance agreement with French design and architecture company Arte Charpentier, aiming to develop sustainable urban planning and construction projects on a global scale.

HISE GLOBAL, one of the leading technical consultancy firms in the country which operates both globally and in Turkiye, has signed a cooperation agreement with Arte Charpentier, a France-based architecture and design company that has its signature on the buildings of many famous companies.

Speaking at a press conference in Istanbul, HISE GLOBAL co-founder Ebru Öz explained that the two companies aim to generate constructive and creative solutions to cross-border issues, such as the global climate crisis and uncontrolled urbanization, within the context of green transformation with sustainable projects they intend to establish.

“We are proud and excited to move forward on this journey together with Arte Charpentier, a well-established architectural firm that carries out projects around the world,” Öz stated.

Andrew Hobson, CEO of Arte Charpentier, stated that this strategic alliance “marks a significant milestone on [their] corporate journeys” and that they are “honored to join forces with HISE GLOBAL.”

While the Turkish firm is planning to benefit from Arte Charpentier’s expertise in urban planning and construction projects to be realized in Turkiye, the alliance is not only focused on urban transformation in the country, as the companies intend to work together in Central Asia, Africa and Europe.

The French corporation will offer HISE GLOBAL technical assistance for a range of projects that Turkish and foreign contractors will carry out across the African continent.

Aiming to accomplish high-quality projects with effective budget management, HISE GLOBAL will also offer comprehensive services to contractors operating in Central Asia and Europe.


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