Turkiye: Honey yield plummets amid heavy rainfall

Due to the abrupt shifts in temperatures, heavy rainfall had detrimental effects on the country’s largest honey producers, resulting in a 50 percent decrease in honey yields this year compared to last, yet the honey has turned out to be of a much higher quality.

The Central Anatolian province of Sivas’ Zara district hosting approximately 8,000 flower species and countless beekeepers was negatively affected by this year’s heavy precipitation.

Due to the continuous rainfall, the bees in the district could not leave their hives,substantially decreasing their honey production rates.

Local producers who harvest honey at the end of August every year stated that their yield decreased by up to 50 percent compared to last year.

“The yield is visibly lower compared to last year. But the honey is of premium quality, it has a darker hue and a thicker consistency,” said beekeeper Enes Kuzu, who recently started harvesting this season’s honey.

“As it is known, Zara’s honey is famous. Our honey was entitled to receive geographical indication. We sent our application last year. This year, we received our geographical indication certificate.”

Kuzu remarked that the Zara district has a very diverse range of flower species, which is primarily responsible for their honey’s stellar reputation around the world.

The fact that the honey is of higher quality and that they were able to promote their business much better since the geographical indication adds value to the product and boosted their sales, he added, even though they did not achieve their desired yield numbers.

“Last year we produced up to 1.1 tons of honey. This year, our total yield was between 450 and 500 kilograms. But the honey has a much higher quality than ever. We started to collect honey two days ago and will continue for about a week. Before the geographical indication, we had difficulty selling honey. After receiving the geographical indication, our honey sales boomed, and the demand increased.”


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