Turkiye: Increasing pet sales on social media stirs debate

While showcasing cats and dogs for sale in pet shops is banned under regulations in the Animal Protection Law, the increase in sales over the internet has caused controversy.

Sales are usually made through advertisements with photos and videos on social media platforms, where thousands of people are members. The prices of animals are not specified online, as information about pricing and animal breeds offered is given over the phone.

Animal rights activists in Türkiye are criticizing the lack of information on animal health and care in online pet sales.

Activists say that online sales platforms do not require sellers to provide sufficient information about the animals’ health history or vaccination status.

In addition, activists say that online sales make it difficult to track the origin of animals, which could contribute to the illegal pet trade.

Türkiye has taken some steps to regulate the pet trade, such as banning the sale of cats and dogs in pet shop showcases. However, activists say that more needs to be done to protect animals sold online.

According to the law banning the sale of pets,businesses with a sales permit will be able to sell chipped pets online in a natural farm environment. Businesses that do not comply with the ban will be fined 2,043 Turkish Liras ($63) for each animal.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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