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Turkiye: Inverted tulips bloom, fine imposed for plucking

With the arrival of spring, the unique inverted tulips, also known as the”weeping bride,” have begun to bloom in the southeastern province of Siirt, catching the attraction of shutterbugs as it embellishes the city’s mountains and gardens with their splendid beauty.

As these “upside down” flowers only bloom for about 20 days a year, authorities have implemented a considerable fine to prevent people from plucking these flowers.

Popularly known as the “weeping bride,”these inverted tulips that grow in the mountainous regions of Anatolia in the spring months have started to blossom as the weather is warming up, creating enthralling scenes, officials said.

Nature Conservation and National Parks Branch Directorate in Siirt announced that those who pluck the inverted tulips will be fined 244,315 Turkish Liras for “destroying biological diversity.”

According to the statement, especially residents visiting the areas where the tulips grow should be careful about this issue, stressing that every endemic plant is valuable in its own region and should be protected.


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