Turkiye Job Vacancy Rates Now Published in Eurostat

The European Statistical Office (Eurostat) has begun publishing the results of the “Job Vacancy Statistics Survey,” conducted by the Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR) four times a year in three-month intervals, on its website.

In a written statement from ISKUR, it was noted that the agency has been conducting the “Job Vacancy Statistics Survey” regularly since 2014. The following information was shared:

“As a result of evaluations conducted by Eurostat, job vacancy rates provided by ISKUR are now being published by sector on the website ‘https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat.’ This became the first research data internationally published by Eurostat for both ISKUR and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.”

“One of the Key Indicators of Labor Demand”

The statement emphasized that the job vacancy rate is among the important economic indicators for countries, stating:

“The job vacancy rate is considered a crucial economic indicator that reveals the size of the workforce needed by businesses operating in a country at a given period and indicates expectations for potential employment growth. While unemployment rate, employment, and labor force participation rate are used in calculations related to the supply side of the labor market, the job vacancy rate, reflecting the demand side of the labor market, is considered a significant indicator.”

source: aa.com.tr/ prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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