Turkiye: Local solar panel manufacturers to be protected

The Trade Ministry has issued a communiqué in regards to which imports of “photovoltaic cells assembled into a module or arranged in panels” (solar panels) originating in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Croatia and Jordan, after China, will be subject to a guarantee of $25 per square meter.

The guarantees received in accordance with the decision taken within the framework of the investigation to prevent unfair competition in imports will be recorded as revenue to the Treasury. If it is decided to terminate the investigation without measures,the application for the guarantee will be terminated and the guarantees received will be returned.

The measure on unfair competition in imports was extended and continued last year on imports of Chinese solar modules. Due to the dumping margin of 25 to 30 percent of the CIF value of Chinese solar panels, it was decided to reduce the exports of some Chinese solar panel manufacturers to Türkiye by $20 per square meter.

Kutay Kaleli, president of the Turkish chapter of the International Solar Energy Society (GÜNDER), told the daily Milliyet that the decision protects domestic panel manufacturers.

Noting that domestic solar panel production has already reached a level that meets 10 times the annual capacity, Kaleli said more than 60 factories produce panels.

“In terms of panel technology, imported products are still a little more affordable than local ones, but a lot changes when quality is added,” he said.

“Also, there is a very serious employment in panel production, nearly 30,000 workers in 60 factories.”

Kalei pointed out that Türkiye has become one of the leading countries in solar panel production, along with China and India.

“Turkish manufacturers started to open factories abroad,” he said.

“Many of the giants such as Arçelik and Zorlu entered the panel production. In order to protect employment in this field, domestic producers must be supported. Therefore, the decision is positive.”

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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