Turkiye Now Sells the World’s Most Expensive iPhone Due to Economic Crisis, Making More Money Than Apple

Technology prices are rising all over the world. Flagship smartphones used to cost around $600-700, but now they can cost over $1000. This is because smartphones have become more than just communication tools. They now have features like cameras, gaming capabilities, and much more. In Turkiye, things are even worse. Over the past 30 days, Apple products in Turkiye have seen three price increases. This means that Turkey now sells the most expensive iPhone in the world. Here are the details:

Economic Crisis Makes Turkiye the Most Expensive Place to Buy an iPhone

Turkiye is often seen as a cheap vacation destination, but the reality for Turkish people is very different. They are struggling with a rising cost of living, which has been made worse by the government’s authoritarian policies and high tax rates. The crisis is most noticeable in the prices of housing and food. However, the cost of imported goods including tech products has also increased significantly.This has made it difficult for many people to afford basic necessities.

The economic crisis in Turkiye has caused the value of the Turkish lira to fall sharply.This, along with higher tax rates and exchange rates for the dollar, has led to a rise in prices for imported products. Apple, which sells its products in Turkiye, has had to adjust its prices multiple times within a month. As a result, the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1TB storage is now the most expensive iPhone in the world if you buy in Turkey.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1TB storage space costs $1,599 in the United States. In Turkiye, the price is more than double, at $3,273. However, only $1,636 of this amount goes to Apple. The rest of the money goes to the Turkish government in taxes. The government collects a lot of tax revenue from smartphones, which is much more than the profit made by the manufacturing company. The standard iPhone 14 with 128GB of storage costs $1818 in your country. That’s a lot of money! If you’re wondering, here is the list of countries where iPhones are most expensive in the world:

iPhone 14 / 128 Global in USD

CountryLocal Pricein US$
TurkiyeTL 42.4991818.00
BrazilR$ 75991547.82
HungaryFt 4499901307.14
Czech RepublicCZK 264901199.91
DenmarkDK 82991192.14
MexicoMex$ 209991210.60
Netherlands€ 10191090.44
Belgium€ 10191090.44
Germany€ 999.001069.04
Austria€ 9991069.04
Ireland€ 1029.001101.15
Italy€ 10291101.15
Portugal€ 10391111.85
Finland€ 10391111.85
Spain€ 10091079.74
France€ 10191090.44
Luxembourg€ 985.321054.40
SwitzerlandCHF 9291022.03
United Kingdom£ 8491056.88
India₹ 79900967.72
New ZealandNZ$ 1599967.09
SingaporeS$ 1299963.15
Norwaykr 10990995.55
Thailand฿ 32900945.32
Korea₩ 1250000957.11
Philippines₱ 569901017.00
ChinaRMB 5999841.50
Japan¥ 119800855.82
TaiwanTW$ 27900907.85
MalaysiaRM 4199911.34
Hong KongHK$ 6899879.78
AustraliaA$ 1399931.69
UAEAED 3399925.41
CanadaC$ 1099822.27
USAUS$ 799799.00


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