Turkiye: Owner puts 591-year-old religious school for rent

The owner of a 591-year-old Hatuniye Madrasa, an Islamic school in the Central Anatolian province of Kayseri, has put the historical structure up for rent but with a condition for those willing to take it.

Speaking to the local media about renting the historical structure, Mustafa Kemal Tatar said that he wants it to be rented by “a sensible corporate institution,” denying all the requests coming from tenant candidates who offer to turn the structure into a café or restaurant because their family has put a lot of effort into restoring the place.

Built by the Beylik of Dulkadir in Kayseri in 1432,Hatuniye Madrasa was deeded by Tatar’s father in 1980.

The madrasa, once used as an inn in the course of time, was restored by the Tatar family after years of work and at great expense.

Stressing that they restored the madrasa as close to its original as it could be, Tatar, who is also a businessman, noted that he by no means wants it to be used as a food venue and that he is thinking of “renting it to a corporate company that could take good care of the madrasa.”


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