Turkiye Ranks 2nd in Europe with Electric Car Charging Stations

Our country, which has taken important steps in the electric car sector, ranked 2nd in Europe in terms of the number of charging stations.

The increase in demand for electric cars is driven by environmental concerns and rising fuel costs. The latest data from the Turkish Statistical Institute indicated that the electric car population increased by 88.8% in the first half of the year, with the total number of cars rising to 27,476 from 14,552 the previous year.

Turkiye is the 2nd Country with the Most Charging Stations in Europe

Elaris General Coordinator Volkan Demir pointed out the benefits of electric cars such as zero exhaust emissions, less noise pollution and significant cost savings compared to conventional vehicles, while the transition to electric cars is accelerating every year due to their positive impact on carbon emissions, a major contributor to climate change.

Demir also highlighted the rapid expansion of Turkiye ’s electric car charging infrastructure. Starting the year with 1,719 charging stations, Turkiye now has 3,790 charging stations and the number of charging points has increased from 3,081 to 8,001. With this development,our country ranked 2nd in Europe in terms of the number of charging stations.


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