Turkiye: Single Price Regulation For Fuel Is Coming

A single price period is coming at fuel stations. EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) took action on the issue.

To put it in a language that everyone can understand, the world of fuel is undergoing a change. This change will affect the diversity and pricing of fuels sold at fuel stations. The institution behind the regulation is EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority). So what does a single price at fuel stations mean?

Single Price Period At Fuel Stations

With the decision taken by EMRA, the variety of gasoline and diesel fuels sold at fuel stations will decrease. Until now, stations were offering special fuels with different names such as Ultra force, power, fuelsave, VMax, VPro, which were sold at higher prices.

These names were often marketed with the claim that they improved the fuel’s performance or protected the engine. However, with the new regulation, the sale of such differently named and priced fuels will end. In other words, only gasoline, diesel (diesel fuel) and LPG will be sold at fuel stations.These fuels will be offered at a single price.

The main purpose of this regulation is to protect consumers and increase transparency in fuel purchases. This is because special fuels sold under different names and prices could confuse consumers and in some cases cause them to pay more. This regulation also aims to ensure competition on a fairer basis.

With the new regulation, only three basic fuel types will be sold at fuel stations: gasoline, diesel (diesel fuel) and LPG. Each of these fuels will be offered to consumers at a single price. Thus, consumers will have a better understanding of the product they will buy and will not be confused when comparing prices.

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