Turkiye: Some 1,400 tons of pepper paste to be exported

Production facilities in the northwestern province of Bursa are expected to export 1,400 tons of pepper paste to the Netherlands to achieve an export revenue target of $1 million.

The pepper paste to be produced in the facilities in the rural Kulaca district, where 90 percent of the employees are women, will be exported to the Netherlands, while an additional 4,000 tons of tomato paste will be produced for the domestic market.

Tomato paste to be produced throughout the season in İnegöl district will be sent to all provinces of the country.

Meanwhile, Ahmet Uğur, the president of Kulaca Agricultural Development Cooperative, stated that the prices of the tomato paste to be produced this year will be increased by 34 percent.

“The price of the tomato paste that we sold for 60 liras per kilogram last year will be increased to 85 liras. We think of it as the most affordable price, considering the consumers. When the foreign currency rises, of course we gain an advantage in exports. But because of the high inflation in the country, our expenditures are also increasing,” Uğur told local media.

Stating that their export revenue target is $1 million, Uğur said that even though there is currently no stability in both the weather temperatures and prices in Turkiye, they will continue their work to achieve the target.

Pointing out that the majority of their employees in the facilities are women, Uğur said that especially middle-aged and older women are able to work in tomato and pepper paste production without any trouble.


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