ASELSAN prepared Qatar’s armored vehicles for the World Cup

Before the 2022 FIFA World Cup, ASELSAN modernized 50 armored vehicles of Qatar in 4 months and delivered them before the championship.

At the 5th Land Systems Seminar, supported by the Ministry of National Defense, Presidency of Defense Industries and the Defense and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD), the systems used and will begin to be used by the land elements of the security forces were discussed.

ASELSAN Land and Weapon Systems Program Director Serhan Ozsoy gave information about the company’s recent work in the field of land systems in his presentation at the event.

Stating that they are carrying out a project for the modernization of Renault VAB vehicles in the inventory of the Qatar Armed Forces, Ozsoy said, “One of the challenging aspects of this project for us is the period between the signing of the contract and the completion of the user training and delivery to the customer, which was 4 months. We modernized and delivered 50 vehicles.”

Ozsoy said that this was possible with the experience they gained in the armored combat vehicle and tank modernization projects they had previously carried out.

Serhan Ozsoy said, “One of the requirements of the customer was the training of 50 vehicles for the World Cup. When the whistle of the first match of the World Cup blew, we had modernized 50 vehicles and gave them to their users.”

Within the scope of modernization, Sarp Remote Controlled Weapon System, close range surveillance system, driver vision system, V/UHF radio and internal communication system were integrated into the vehicles.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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