Turkiye: The Best Places For Scuba Diving In Fethiye

Would you like to scuba dive in Fethiye, one of Turkiye’s most popular tourist attractions? We have listed the most beautiful places to scuba dive in Fethiye, which fascinates you with its nature. Have a pleasant reading!
Feeling the deep blue is one of the different sensations of the world. For this reason, we answered the questions of where to scuba dive in the perfect blue of Fethiye and what are the diving prices…
Fethiye district of Muğla is one of the most preferred holiday resorts with its sea and silence with high tourist density. Someone who goes to Fethiye should never return without scuba diving.

Where to Scuba Diving in Fethiye?

1)Turunc Spring:

It would be very accurate to use the term “underwater guardian of history” for this region. During the dive, spiny pots are seen from time to time. These pots can be seen on the ground as well as stuck to the rocks in some places. Turunç Spring, which is 14-17 meters deep, has many lovers. You can dive here with scuba diving experts.

2) Azizaga Bay :

In order to experience the intriguing beauties of underwater, it is necessary to start from certain depths. Diving here is carried out by entering from the anchor. The depth is very suitable for beginners. There are many professional companies that offer diving tours in Azizağa Bay, where you will admire the clear water.


Turkiye: The Best Places For Scuba Diving In Fethiye 2

Afkule, which is 45 minutes from Fethiye marina, is a great place to see the life under the deep blue waters on vacation. The water depth reaches 30 meters. This is actually attractive for advanced divers. In short, Afkule is one of the best diving spots in the region.


Kizilkaya is another popular diving spot known for its calm water and live population. During your dives here, you can come across many different types of aquatic creatures such as schools of fish, octopuses and crabs.

5)Pig Island:

With its calm waters and rich underwater life, Pig Island is a great option for scuba diving and snorkeling. You can come across historical shipwrecks during your dive here.

6)Butterfly Valley:

Butterfly Valley is a favorite of divers with its calm water. You can come across many different types of water creatures such as coral, seahorses and crabs.
Average scuba diving prices in Fethiye vary between 1000TL and 4200TL. This varies according to the time and the place where you dive.

Have you scuba dived in Fethiye before? Share your experiences with us! If you have any questions, let’s meet in the comments section.


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