Turkiye’s Automotive Market: Planning to Fix Dealer Prices and Prepayment Limits in New Regulations

The Ministry of Commerce is preparing to bring new regulations to the automotive market. As part of the fight against hoarding and exorbitant prices, the ministry will prevent price increases after allocating vehicles to dealers. With the regulations, there will be limits on prepayments.

According to the draft prepared by the Ministry of Commerce, the price cannot be changed after the vehicle is delivered to the dealer by the manufacturer or distributor and the taxes are paid.

Dealers will be able to receive a maximum down payment of 10% of the price during the car sales process. According to the draft, the paid vehicle will be delivered within 15 days at the latest.

The regulations will also cover distributors. Distributors will not be able to request that dealers purchase more vehicles than the three-year sales average. Additionally, no price changes can be made as of the invoice date.

Second-hand car sales will also be organised. In online sales, the difference between the price and the final offer for vehicles under 8 years old and with 160 thousand kilometers will not exceed 5%.

Vehicles that will be put out to tender will be required to be announced with detailed information 24 hours in advance.

Source: NTV / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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