Turkiye’s border crossings with Bulgaria and Greece are expected to see exports exceeding $254 million in 2023.

Turkiye’s exports through the Kapakule/Kapitan Andreevo and Hamzabeyli/Lesovo border crossings on the border with Bulgaria and Ipsala on the border with Greece reached USD 254 million in 2022, Turkiye’s Trade Minister Omer Bolat said Monday at a ceremony marking the opening of the renovated and modernized Turkish-Greek Pazarkule Border Crossing. This amount is expected to be surpassed this year.

He pointed out 59% of Turkiye’s exports in 2022 were made by sea, 31% by land and 8% by air.

“In the same period, 37.5% of our exports to Europe were made by land. Therefore, our customs points and infrastructure are vital for exports by land. In 2022, 1.638 million commercial motor vehicles passed through Kapakule, Hamzabeili and Ipsala while the year before the number was 1.485 million,”the Turkish minister explained.

Bolat also noted that the modernization and renovation of the Turkish-Bulgarian Derekoy/Malko Tarnovo border crossing for the transit of passengers and vehicles to Bulgaria and Romania is expected to be carried out soon.

The renovation and modernisation of Turkish border crossings is being carried out under the “build-develop-sell” model of the Union of Chambers of Commodity Exchanges of Turkiye.



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