TURKSTAT Revises Tourism Statistics

The Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) announced that the planned revisions in tourism statistics have been completed.

The institution made a written statement regarding the revision work conducted for tourism statistics.

The statement noted that tourism revenue and expenditure calculated within the scope of tourism statistics are estimated by TURKSTAT using information compiled through surveys and administrative records. It was highlighted that in 2022, supporting administrative record data began to be used alongside survey data, leading to significant improvements in the quality of tourism statistics.

The statement also mentioned that with this revision, which is a continuation of these improvements, data obtained from the General Directorate of Security regarding day-trip visitors began to be utilized. It was further reported that updates were made in calculations regarding the type of border crossing used (sea, rail, air, land) and in the sampling design.

The statement concluded by indicating that as a result of these efforts, the planned revisions in tourism statistics have been completed. It was stated that changes in the calculation method for the “Outbound Visitors Survey” and “Citizens’ Entry Survey” will be published along with the “Tourism Statistics 2024 First Quarter News Bulletin” on April 30 at 10:00.

source: aa.com.tr/ prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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