Turkiye’s budget deficit at $10 Billion in January-February

Budget revenues total $38.25B, expenditures $48.5B, official data shows

Türkiye’s central government budget posted a deficit of 304.5 billion liras ($10.1 billion) in January-February, according to data released by the Treasury and Finance Ministry on Friday.

Türkiye’s budget revenues stood at 1.15 trillion liras ($38.35 billion),while expenditures totaled 1.46 trillion liras ($48.46 billion) in the two-month period.

Non-interest expenditures were at 1.28 trillion liras ($42.6 billion) and interest payments amounted to 175.9 billion liras ($5.85 billion) in Jan-Feb.

The budget balance excluding interest payments was at minus 128.6 billion Turkish liras ($4.3 billion).

One US dollar traded for 30.06 Turkish liras on average during the first two months.

Source: aa

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