Turkiye’s Dairy Industry Expands to UAE Market with New Export Opportunity

Despite the recent decline in Turkiye’s dairy product exports, the opportunity coming from the United Arab Emirates to the B2B e-export platform TurkishExporter has offered a new market to producers.

Turkiye ranks 8th in milk production and 3rd in Europe. Turkiye, which produces 89 thousand tons of skim milk powder in 2022, exports milk and dairy products to more than 100 countries. However, in 2023, milk and dairy product exports suffered the biggest loss in the last 9 years. With the decrease in international production costs, Turkiye lost its price advantage in milk powder, butter and whey products, and there was a decrease of up to 90% in milk powder and butter exports.

Today, a new export door has been opened for dairy product producers from the UAE. In this context, the BAE company placed an import advertisement on TurkishExporter, Turkiye’s largest e-export platform, which allows companies to trade on a global scale, and stated that it will purchase milk from Turkish producers.

Source: / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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