Turkiye’s Digital Copyright Law: A Step Towards Protecting Content Creators

In a pivotal move, Turkiye has enacted its Digital Copyright Law in an ambitious stride towards safeguarding the intellectual property rights of digital content creators. The legislation, a reflection of the global momentum towards the protection of digital content rights,seeks to ensure that creators are adequately compensated by tech behemoths like Google.

A Step towards Legal Safeguards

The new law addresses the urgent need for legal regulations that protect the efforts of content creators in the digital sphere. User-generated content, a significant wealth source for tech companies, has for long been exploited with no legal recourse. The Digital Copyright Law is Turkiye’s response to this pressing issue, ensuring that tech companies can no longer profit from the unauthorized use of creators’ works.

Prof. Dr. Filiz Aydogan’s Insights

Prof. Dr. Filiz Aydogan, a staunch advocate of the legislation, stressed its significance for Turkiye. She highlighted the pressing need for protection against the exploitation of digital content creators, who have seen their work used without authorization and without royalties for years. Aydogan underlined that the law’s primary goal is to promote creativity, protect digital content rights, and establish a fair global advertising and competition environment.

Global Trend towards Digital Copyright Protection

The enactment of the Digital Copyright Law in Turkiye aligns with similar legal efforts in the United States, the European Union, and Canada. These nations have already mandated tech giants like Google to compensate digital publishers, underscoring the global trend towards digital copyright protection. Observers view it as a necessary step towards ensuring that not only tech giants but also local content creators can benefit financially from digital media.

Source: bnn

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