Uyumsoft: ‘End-to-end digital business’ for SMEs

Saying “You can’t manage without DATA, you can’t develop if you can’t manage”, Uyumsoft Information Systems and Technologies Inc. Investment Services General Manager Ozlem Ikiz said that SMEs need to be digitalized end-to-end.

Ikiz said: “The main priorities of SMEs, which closely experience the effects of today’s economic processes, are sustainability. Data management for sustainability is a priority before production and trade. As a matter of fact, we observe that 40 enterprises terminate their activities every month, compared to 100 business establishments in Turkey. Although there are different factors that cause closures, the impact of administrative errors stands out with a very high rate. As Uyumsoft Information Systems, we are aware of the costs of this impact to both the business and the country’s economy, and we radically solve these chronic business problems with our solutions that we produce with the motto of end-to-end digital business with Uyumsoft.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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