Turkiye’s exports up by 0.3% to reach $22.7B in September

Türkiye’s economy showed resilience despite slowdown in global trade, earthquake, says Trade Minister Omer Bolat

Türkiye’s exports increased by 0.3% year-on-year to reach $22.67 billion in September, the Turkish trade minister announced on Wednesday.

The export figure of $22.67 billion was the highest for the month of September in the history of the republic, Omer Bolat told a meeting in the industrial province of Bursa.

He said there is a significant slowdown in global trade,and Türkiye “also faced a severe earthquake disaster, which had negative effects on both production in terms of growth and foreign trade.”

Despite all this, he added, “our macroeconomic indicators and export performance show the resilience and resistance of our economy for the first nine months of this year.”

In the January-September period, the country’s exports totaled $187.46 billion.


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