Turkiye’s First Islamic Finance Card “Tayyab” Launched

Tayyab, Turkiye’s first Islamic card was launched with the motto. Here are all the details about the card!

Turkiye’s first Islamic card Tayyab,which can be used through a mobile application, has been launched in Turkiye.

“It helps you meet many of your Islamic needs,” the card’s website says, underlining that the card can be used by people of all religions.

The card, which was launched as a result of a partnership with the licensed electronic money institution Sipay, comes with Master Card certification and, according to the company’s claim, enables daily financial transactions to be made in accordance with Islamic norms in an easy and convenient way.

Stating that it will provide information on whether the securities investments to be made through the card are halal or haram through the application, Tayyab said, “With the online scanning service, you will be able to learn which securities are halal and which are not halal in a few steps.”


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