Turkiye’s geothermal energy resource potential is 62 thousand megawatts

Geothermal Energy Association (JED) Chairman of the Board Ali Kindap said that Turkiye’s geothermal use at the level of 5 thousand megawatts in energy production, residential heating, greenhouse cultivation and tourism, and the discovered geothermal resource potential is 62 thousand megawatts.

In his written statement, Kindap stated that there are over 1500 natural geothermal outlets in the Anatolian geography and that Turkiye can become the world leader in terms of geothermal resource wealth.

Reminding that Turkiye is the leader in Europe and the fourth in the world in terms of geothermal resource wealth, Kindap explained that this natural wealth can be transformed into more added value with integrated use.

Pointing out that the experience of Turkish drilling companies in geothermal resource exploration has a great impact on the positive developments in oil exploration and drilling works in Turkiye in recent years, Kindap said:

“Oil and geothermal resource exploration are very close to each other in terms of technical and engineering. However, when oil is found in a province of our country, we hear shouts of joy from many parts of the society and media, but we see that the same joy is not experienced when geothermal, which can create value in many different fields, is found. However, considering the employment opportunities it provides in the region where geothermal resources are located, its use in a wide area from electricity generation to greenhouse cultivation, from housing heating to fisheries, and its contribution to our economy; Making more use of these resources is important for our environmental and economic goals.”

“It will contribute to the realization of the 2053 Net Zero Emissions vision”

Emphasizing that Anatolia is a magnificent geography where people have been integrated with geothermal wealth for thousands of years, warmed by that source, and healed by that source, Kindap continued as follows:

“Turkiye, which has 5 thousand megawatts of geothermal use in energy production, residential heating, greenhouse cultivation and tourism, has a discovered resource potential of 62 thousand megawatts. Anatolia is a geothermal paradise. The oil of these lands is geothermal. Turkish geothermal sector investors are ready to be a part of this great vision with their engineering know-how, human resources and financial power. Today, we see that Turkish drilling companies have established turnkey geothermal power plants in a wide geography from Europe to Africa and the Far East. Indisputably, geothermal has an important place among the most fundamental energy sources that will contribute to the realization of our government’s vision of ‘2053 Net Zero Emissions’.”

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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