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Turkiye’s longest canyon nominated for Guinness

Çamaş Canyon, known for its waterfalls, hiking trails and a wide variety of plants and animal species, has been nominated for Guinness World Records for being the longest Turkish canyon.

Within the scope of a project, preparations are ongoing to bring a 4-kilometer section of the 25-kilometer long Çamaş Canyon in the Çamaş district of the northeastern province of Ordu to tourism.

The canyon, which offers stunning views with its natural beauties, offers a different experience to nature lovers. Home to various species of plants and animals, Çamaş Canyon is a candidate for Guinness in terms of flora and fauna and its natural hiking trail.

Stating that the district has multiple canyons, Çamaş Mayor Mahmut Ayparçası said, “There are waterfalls and lakes in these canyons. Türkiye’s longest canyons are in Çamaş district.We conducted studies on these canyons and prepared them for tourism as part of our ‘natural health tourism in the canyon’ project.”

The mayor noted with the project, they aim for the canyon to become a getaway spot for people seeking to get nature therapy, helping them to heal mentally and physically through various nature-based activities.

Noting that they applied to Guinness to enter the canyon, which they named “Çamaş, the Land of Mysterious Canyons” in their records, Ayparçası said: “Çamaş Canyon is a candidate for Guinness because there is a magnificent hiking trail and many waterfalls there. At the same time, there are endemic plants in our canyon, wild animals and birds of prey. The canyon is a candidate for Guinness in terms of various kinds of natural creatures.”

“We can currently use 1.5 kilometers of area of the canyon. There is another 3 kilometers of trail, and we will add this to the hiking trail. Our canyon continues for another 20 kilometers ahead. In total, the length of Çamaş Canyon is 25 kilometers. We have many canyons of different lengths,” he concluded.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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