Turkiye’s Medipol Healthcare Group unveils Neurocenter plans in Istanbul

Parkinson and Movement Disorders Center’s ‘Center of Excellence’ initiates global collaboration, propelling advances in neurosurgery and patient care

The Parkinson and Movement Disorders Center (PARMER) under the Türkiye’s Medipol Healthcare Group, in collaboration with renowned Brain and Neurosurgery Specialist Professor Doctor Andres Lozano, is preparing to launch the ‘International Neuromodulation and Movement Disorders Center’ in Istanbul.

According to the official statement from Medipol Healthcare Group, PARMER, having earned the esteemed title of “Center of Excellence,”marks a pioneering initiative in Parkinson’s and movement disorders within the Medipol Healthcare Group, extending its collaboration with expert global physicians.

A milestone protocol was recently signed at Istanbul Medipol Mega University Hospital with Lozano, Chair of the Department of Brain and Neurosurgery at the University of Toronto.

This protocol, focusing on advancing functional neurosurgery and movement disorder treatments, positions PARMER as a host for cutting-edge technologies and an arena for young physicians to connect with international experts.

During the signing ceremony, Professor Doctor Gazi Yigitbasi, the Medical Director of Medipol Mega University Hospital, highlighted the historical significance.

Yigitbasi said: “Today’s step is just the beginning. Medipol Healthcare Group, in its centenary, is set to provide services at the unprecedented ‘International Neuromodulation and Movement Disorders Center’ in Istanbul Goztepe.

“Meanwhile, PARMER will sustain international endeavors at our new hospital in Istanbul Acibadem,” he added.

PARMER: Beacon of hope for scientific advancements, patient care

Lozano expressed enthusiasm, envisioning collaboration with colleagues and young physicians in Istanbul, a global hub for health tourism.

He said, “PARMER is emerging as a center of interest globally, particularly in Parkinson’s studies.”

“It holds promising prospects for both scientific research and patient treatment. I am excited to be part of this family, and I anticipate signing impactful projects and international collaborations,” he added.

This alliance between Medipol Healthcare Group and Lozano signifies a significant leap forward in neurosurgical advancements and global healthcare collaboration.

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