Turkiye’s unemployment rate sees lowest level since March 2014

Number of unemployed persons down by 193,000 to 3.3M month-on-month in May

Turkiye’s unemployment rate decreased to 9.5% in May, the lowest level since March 2014, a 0.5 percentage points down from April.

The nation’s unemployment rate fell by 193,000 people to 3.3 million in May on a monthly basis, official figures from TurkStat showed on Monday.

The unemployment rate for men was 7.7%, while 13% for women in May.

The employment rate was at 48.5% in the month, while the number of employed persons increased by 63,000 to 31.7 million.

The youth unemployment rate, for the 15-24 age group,was 17%, down 1.6 percentage points month-on-month in May.


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