UAE’s Sharjah announces discovery of new gas reserves in Al-Hadiba field

The gas field contains economically viable quantities of gas, according to the Sharjah Petroleum Council

The Sharjah Petroleum Council announced the discovery of new gas reserves at the Al-Hadiba field near the Al-Sajaa Industrial Area in Sharjah.

The council stated that the gas field contains economically viable quantities of gas. The reserves were found as a result of the Sharjah National Oil Corporation’s recent well drilling efforts.

Over the next few days, tests will be conducted to determine the exact amount of gas and assess the potential for developing the newly discovered field.

This discovery makes Al-Hadiba the fifth onshore field in Sharjah,joining the ranks of Al-Saja’a, Kahif, Mahani, and Muayed gas fields.

This announcement follows Sharjah’s previous discovery of a new onshore well of natural gas and condensate in 2020, marking the emirate’s first such discovery in over three decades. The Gas Exporting Countries Forum predicts a global increase in demand for natural gas in the coming decades due to decarbonization efforts.

In the Middle East, natural gas is expected to remain the most utilized energy source, accounting for 53 percent of the regional energy mix in 2022, according to the same report.

Projected growth in natural gas demand

The demand for natural gas is further projected to grow by 1.5 percent annually from 560 billion cubic meters in 2022 to 855 billion cubic meters by 2050. Additionally, this growth will be driven by economic expansion, demographic trends, and plans to replace oil products in power generation to reduce emissions.

The report also forecasts a 33 percent increase in total global gas production by 2050, reaching 5.3 trillion cubic meters, with the Middle East region contributing 465 billion cubic meters during that period.

Source: economymiddleeast

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