Unclaimed Treasures: Ankara’s Lost and Found Auction Sells Over 2,000 Items

Explore the captivating story of lost possessions finding new homes through a transparent auction held by the EGO General Directorate in Ankara.

Imagine stepping into a room where the forgotten remnants of daily commutes come to find a new lease on life. This was the scene at the Atatürk Indoor Sports Hall in Ankara, where the Electric Gas Bus (EGO) General Directorate orchestrated an auction that was anything but ordinary. Over 2,000 items, left behind on EGO buses, ANKARAY, and Metro wagons and stations throughout 2021 and 2022, found themselves under the gavel, awaiting new owners. From the depths of Ankara’s public transit system to the auction block, these items embarked on a journey fueled by the principles of transparency and reclamation.

A Kaleidoscope of Lost Possessions

The array of objects up for auction was as diverse as the passengers who once owned them. Technological devices, a testament to our digital age, sat alongside clothes that whispered tales of their previous owners. Every item, from mobile phones to personal garments, had been stored at the Lost and Found Service for approximately two years, unclaimed and gathering dust. Their stories,though silent, were imbued with the essence of everyday life, each article a chapter waiting to be continued by someone new.

The Auction Day: A Testament to Transparency

Organized by the EGO Bus Operations Department and EGO Support Services Department, the auction was a meticulous affair. It wasn’t merely about giving these forgotten items a second chance; it was a demonstration of the EGO General Directorate’s commitment to transparency. Interested bidders gathered, each hoping to lay claim to a piece of Ankara’s lost history. The products, once sold, were handed over with receipts, ensuring every transaction was recorded, formalized, and above board. This process not only gave new life to lost items but also bolstered trust in the public system managing them.

From Lost to Found: More Than Just an Auction

While the auction may have been about finding new homes for lost items, it represented something greater. It was a reflection on the value we assign to our belongings and the stories they carry. In a world where we are often in a hurry, losing something on public transport can feel like a small tragedy. Yet, through this auction, these items were not just discarded or forgotten; they were given a chance to create new memories, to be more than just objects left behind on a seat or the floor of a bus or train.

As the final gavel fell, it marked the end of one journey and the beginning of another. The auction, a mere footnote in the vast narrative of Ankara’s public transportation system, left a lasting impression on those who participated. It served as a reminder that even in loss, there is potential for rediscovery and renewal. And perhaps, it encouraged a more mindful relationship with the objects that accompany us in our daily travels.

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