VHV Reinsurance will provide risk acceptance from its Turkey headquarters to 10 countries

VHV Reinsurance will provide risk acceptance from its Turkey headquarters to 10 countries

The Turkish subsidiary of VHV, which is among the largest insurance groups in Germany with a history of more than 100 years, has started to reap the fruits of its steady growth. VHV Reinsurance announced that it has started to provide risk acceptance services to 10 countries, headquartered in Turkey. It is aimed that the number of these countries will exceed 30 in a short time. Making a statement on the subject, VHV Reinsurance CEO Maximilian Stahl underlined that they have succeeded in gaining a rightful place in the Turkish insurance market in a short time. “We are now positioning ourselves as a domestic reinsurance company in 2016, taking our steady growth in Turkey one step further with our expertise and financial strength in Germany. At this point, we are excited that the VHV brand will become one of the important reinsurance companies of the Balkans, South East Europe, the Gulf Region and the Middle East by increasing our business volume by starting to provide risk acceptance from abroad as well as from abroad.”


Emphasizing that Turkey’s potential is closely followed by Germany, Maximilian Stahl said, “Our Germany-based group positioned Turkey as the center country in return for its trust in VHV Reinsurance and decided to start risk acceptance from Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Kosovo, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in the first place. We aim to provide the rightful place we have gained in Turkey in more than 6 years with our service quality, with the strength we get from our shareholder VHV Group and with the maximum support of our business partners, and to become a well-known and reliable business partner in these countries in a short time.” Maximilian Stahl pointed out that their main goal as VHV is to be one of the leading reinsurers in the region, which includes Turkey. He underlined that they want to increase the number of countries (Eastern Europe, North Africa and Turkic Republics) to more than 30 in a short time with the support of their business partners in line with these goals.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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