Istanbul Butchers Anticipate Drop in Red Meat Prices as ESK Initiatives Take Effect

Aydin Tufekci, President of Istanbul Chamber of Retail Butchers and Tradesmen, stated that red meat prices have started to fall with the moves of the Meat and Milk Institution (ESK), and stated that the decline will continue and there will be a balancing in prices.

​​​​​​​Tufekci evaluated the recent fluctuations in red meat prices to the AA correspondent.

Pointing out that red meat prices, which have been on the rise for a while, started to decline as of last week, Tufekci said, “Last week, carcass meat prices decreased by ₺15 per kilogram, and this week the decline continued and decreased by another ₺20. The decrease in slaughter prices seen throughout Turkiye varies by region. Currently, carcass slaughter prices in the country have decreased to an average of ₺360 per kilogram.”

Tufekci underlined that the measures implemented by ESK affected the downward change in red meat prices and said, “With the slaughter of animals brought from abroad by ESK, red meat prices began to decline. ESK supplies meat to large market groups, so this meat is offered to a large segment of people at a determined price. Red meat prices started to decline last week. I think the decline will continue. My butcher colleagues also made a discount on red meat sales prices, so the discount was also reflected on the citizens.”

Supply move from ESK before Eid al-Adha

Underlining that ESK also supplies animals to foundations, meat and food businesses that slaughter animals for sacrifice, Tufekci explained that this situation relieves the market.

Tufekci stated that prices were observed to decrease for the first time before Eid al-Adha and emphasized that this would have a positive impact on the citizens. Tufekci said that they do not expect much of a decline in red meat prices, and that there will be a stabilization in the loosened prices.

On the other hand, Tufekci argued that small businesses would experience difficulties if red meat prices fell below the market value, and noted that family businesses are the insurance of the country’s livestock.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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