Wastespresso, a local startup that converts coffee waste into raw materials, received investment in the bridge tour

Wastespresso, which transforms coffee wastes into bio-raw materials by providing micro-waste management, has completed its Bridge Investment Tour with This Is a Company.

Wastespresso, which uses coffee waste as raw material for the first time in Turkiye and manages coffee wastes of companies with its micro waste management system, had received investment from Founder One, an impact investment fund, in recent months.

New investors continue to join Wastespresso, whose bridge investment tour continues.

Wastespresso, on its way with its zero waste mission, regularly manages the micro coffee wastes of the businesses that generate coffee waste and transforms these wastes into bio-raw materials with its sustainable technological infrastructure, announced the completion of the bridge tour with This Is a Company, the owner of the FRINK application, which offers the first coffee membership in the world with its technology and business model. This Is a Company also draws attention with its focus on R&D and investment studies of different projects focused on sustainable approaches in the food/beverage sector.

Explaining that Erciyas Holding, one of the first investors of Wastespresso, will accelerate its global expansion with the participation of this bridge tour, together with the investment it has received, Wastespresso also shared the information that it will expand its production capacity. Wastespresso, which has positioned itself as the R&D and supply chain company of end-to-end coffee pulp, announced that it will enter many different sectors such as food, furniture and manufacturing, apart from the plastic and packaging sector.

Wastespresso, a pioneering and innovative company in preventing the damage caused by coffee waste to the world, regularly manages the micro coffee waste of companies, thanks to its sustainable technological infrastructure, offers a wide variety of biomaterials such as packaging from coffee waste, bioplastics for industry and cups, pot, straw, spoon, panel, spoon, etc. to all companies with disposable/reusable product portfolios. Wastespresso, which supports companies to create a sustainable product portfolio with the alternative raw material production and micro waste management system it has developed, and to adapt to environmental policies through sustainable communication, also calculates the carbon emissions of companies in this area, it also regularly reports this data to companies with its reporting service recognized by international organizations.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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