With the arrival of Ramadan, fish sales have decreased

It has been reported that there has been a decrease of up to 50% in fish sales in Sinop with the onset of Ramadan.

Before the end of the fishing season on April 15, the abundance of fish continues in the Black Sea.

In Sinop, one of Turkey’s important fishing cities, fishermen returning from the sea are coming back to the harbor with nets full of fish. Fish such as whiting, horse mackerel, bluefish, turbot, and red mullet caught by fishermen are being offered for sale at the local markets.

Despite being sold at prices starting from 40 Turkish lira per kilogram, fish are not attracting the expected attention due to the decrease in consumption during Ramadan.

Namık Ünlü, the President of Sinop Central Fisheries Cooperative, told AA news agency that the fishing season, which will end in 21 days, has been fruitful for fishermen.

Emphasizing that fishing for fish other than anchovies and bonito is still ongoing, Ünlü said, “We are completing a productive season. We had a good fishing season, especially for anchovies. But now it’s Ramadan. Despite the availability of fish, there is a decrease in sales.”

Fisherman İbrahim Gündoğdu expressed that during Ramadan, people are not showing interest in fish, saying, “Many types of fish are currently available at our stalls. Even turbot fish is available. But due to Ramadan, there is a decrease of around 50% in our sales. This situation will continue until the end of the holiday.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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