Wodo Network received a $3 million investment from VBT Yazilim

Wodo Network, which emerged from Turkiye as a global player, announced that it received an investment of $3 million as a result of its strategic cooperation with VBT Yazilim, one of the industry leaders.

Within the framework of this cooperation, Wodo wants to accelerate its growth and development strategies with the investment received from VBT Yazilim.

It aims to develop transformative solutions that make a global impact, especially in the fields of gaming, finance and education. Because innovations to be made in these areas now have the potential to redefine the standards in the sector.

Wodo focuses on projects that enrich user experience and increase interaction, especially in the gaming industry. For the financial sector, they aim to develop safe, user-friendly and innovative financial solutions. In the field of education, it plans to create effective, accessible and entertaining educational materials and platforms for students and teachers.

In a joint statement by Wodo Network founders Bekir Dag and Serhat Tanrikut; “As Wodo Network, we continue to work to lead the changes and developments in the industry, make technology more accessible and offer the best experience to our users. Our collaboration with VBT Yazilim will provide us with strong power in achieving these goals.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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