X, Formerly Twitter, Rolls Out New “Highlights” Tab for Paid Users

Twitter is going through a fascinating change. For example, after Elon Musk bought it, the platform made several controversial decisions and the platform is now called “X”. This move might sees as a thrown away that almost 20 years of brand reputation. Even though there are constant criticisms, Musk doesn’t plan on stopping. Thankfully, not all his decisions are extreme, some of them is good. Now paid users get a new tab to showcase their posts with “Highlights” tab.

Paid X (Twitter) users can now showcase their best tweets with new “Highlights” tab

As you know, Twitter launched a subscription service called Blue not long ago. Nowadays, this service is also known as X Premium. For a monthly or yearly fee, you get various benefits. Some of the perks include more ads, the ability to edit tweets, and even a share of Twitter’s ad revenue. Now, there’s a new feature called the “Highlights” tab.

Twitter is a platform where new content always stands out. However, users have wanted a way to highlight important or popular tweets for a long time. The company introduced “pinned tweets” a few years ago. With this, users could display any tweet at the top of their profile, no matter its date. Still, this wasn’t enough for many people. The “Highlights” tab might be the solution they’re looking for.

The ‘Highlights’ tab lets paid members show their best posts to followers. It’s great for artists, writers, and reporters, or for sharing about a special topic or event. To use it, paid members tap the three dots on a post and pick “Add to Highlights”. They can decide where to put the post in the Highlights. In addition to the Highlights tab, X has also made TweetDeck a subscriber-only product.This is another move by the company to get more people to pay for its premium service.


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