Inveo Ventures Invests $2 Million, Targets AI and Fintech Startups

Inveo Ventures, which invests in new technology startups and aims to be a companion for startups rather than an investor, has invested more than $2 million in 14 different investments since its establishment in April 2022. Inveo Ventures will continue its investments in areas with high development potential, especially artificial intelligence and financial technologies, in 2024.

Inveo Ventures Venture Capital Investment Partnership, which invests in startups that create Turkiye’s shining, innovative and new generation technologies, has invested over $2 million in 14 different investments through 3 different structures consisting of venture capital investment partnerships and funds since its establishment in April 2022.

Inveo Ventures’ portfolio value reached ₺550 million after the simplification plan included in the KAP statement submitted by the group on March 6, 2024. The company aims to increase its portfolio value by making 20 new investments and follow-on investments in existing companies in 2024.

Inveo Ventures is on its way to becoming the region’s leading corporate venture capital

Inveo Ventures, moving forward with the vision of being a value investor, brings the corporate knowledge and experience of Inveo Investment Holding, which has invested more than $20 million into more than 100 startups in 10 years, with the vision of becoming the leading corporate venture capital (CVC) of the region, into the future with the motto “The value bridge between today and tomorrow”. While making investments, the company focuses on startups that have innovative technology, have the potential to have a disruptive impact in international markets, show and have the potential to grow in their metrics, and are at the Series A and Pre-Series A Bridge Investment Round stage.

Inveo Ventures General Manager Haluk Nisli, who emphasized that a structure where all investments in the field of Technology Entrepreneurship in the ecosystem are collected, continues to grow and gain value with investments in technology startups, said in his statement;

“As Inveo Ventures, we act ‘sector independent’ when making our investments. With a staff of 14 people, including Inveo Investment Holding and Gedik Investment teams, we transfer Inveo’s strong corporate knowledge to startups and support the startup at every stage, from business development activities to support in the next investment round. At the same time, we constantly support the ecosystem and, in addition to our direct investments, we make indirect investments through funds of which we are investors. We are also working on how we can integrate the products and services offered by startups into our main field of activity.”

Pointing out that it becomes difficult to receive investment from time to time, Haluk Nisli emphasized the importance of being an investor in a startup in more than one investment round (making follow-on investments) as Inveo Ventures and the support given in the investment process with other external investors.

Being one of the pioneers of creating the trend

Inveo Ventures sees investments, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, as an opportunity that can provide added value to all other sectors and from which other stakeholders of the group can also benefit. For this reason, Inveo Ventures, which has touched on artificial intelligence in its investments since 2022 and invested directly in 3 artificial intelligence-based startups in 2023, is moving towards the goal of being a pioneer in the field of investment, not following the trend, but creating the trend.

A total of 60 investments are targeted in 3 years

The company’s investments will continue in the coming period, including but not limited to these areas, in all sectors with high potential for development and expansion from local to global. Inveo Ventures, which plans to invest at least as actively in 2024 as in 2023, plans to make a total of 60 investments in the next 3 years. Taking an active role in the growth journeys of the startups in its portfolio, Inveo Ventures aims to ensure that one in every three startups it invests in receives follow-on investment in new investment rounds.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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