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Zingat’s parent company, Property Finder, purchases minority shares of Hepsiemlak

Property Finder, one of the world’s leading digital real estate groups, becomes a partner of Turkiye’s leading digital platform Hepsiemlak. Within the framework of this partnership agreement, which will be completed subject to the approval of the Competition Board, Turkiye’s most innovative real estate site, Zingat, will merge with Hepsiemlak.

Hepsiemlak, a real estate platform from Dogan Holding companies, has signed a strategic business partnership. Property Finder, one of the world’s leading groups, shook hands with Zingat, its brand operating in Turkiye, to become the minority partner of Hepsiemlak by providing capital participation.

The transactions will be completed subject to the approval of the Competition Board. Within the framework of the agreement, Zingat, which is 100% owned by Property Finder, will merge with Hepsiemlak.

Aiming to expand its influence and power in the real estate marketplace by acquiring Zingat, Hepsiemlak aims to increase its contribution to the country’s economy thanks to the ecosystem it has created with its business partners. It is anticipated that this merger, which includes Hepsiemlak with its innovative business model, up-to-date and reliable advertisements, and strong technological infrastructure, on the one hand, and Zingat, which stands out with its special service packages developed in line with target audience needs and segmentation, on the other hand, will add dynamism to the sector.

With this agreement, the financing entry realized through foreign investment is considered as a sign that Hepsiemlak will continue its industry-leading technology investments. Hepsiemlak, which always focuses on its customers thanks to modern, technology and data-based systems, is expected to continue its innovations that will make the lives of both the real estate sector and its customers easier, thanks to these investments.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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