Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan Receives Five Awards from Azerbaijan Banking Association

Baku – In recognition of its significant contributions to the banking sector’s development through various projects in 2023, Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan has been honored with five awards by the Azerbaijan Banking Association.

The Azerbaijan Banking Association recently celebrated and rewarded banks that played a pivotal role in advancing the banking sector with innovative projects throughout the year 2023.

Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan emerged as a notable recipient, securing accolades in five distinct categories: “Corporate Social Responsibility,” “Financial Literacy,” “Innovative Project in Digital Payments,” “Support for Education,” and “Assistance to Freelancers.”

Established in Azerbaijan in 2014, Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan currently operates eight branches across the country, with six in Baku, one in Sumgayit, and one in Gence.

The recognition from the Azerbaijan Banking Association highlights Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan’s commitment to excellence in various aspects of banking, including social responsibility, financial education, innovation in digital payments, support for education, and assistance to freelancers. This acknowledgment underscores the bank’s dedication to fostering positive societal impact and advancing the financial well-being of the community.

Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan continues to demonstrate its leadership in the Azerbaijani banking sector, not only through its comprehensive range of financial services but also through its proactive involvement in initiatives that contribute to the overall progress and development of the nation. The five awards received from the Azerbaijan Banking Association serve as a testament to Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its impactful contributions to the socio-economic landscape of Azerbaijan.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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