$7 million flower export from Turkiye to 30 countries before Valentine’s Day

70 million branches of cut flowers were sent from Turkiye to 30 countries, especially the Netherlands and England, on the occasion of February 14, Valentine’s Day. With exports, a foreign exchange inflow of $7 million was achieved.

The “Valentine’s Day” activity, which started in the last weeks of January in the greenhouses in Antalya, which produces most of the cut flower production, has come to an end for international sales.

Colorful special cut flower collections prepared for lovers around the world are packed and set out. For the Turkish market, the feverish work in greenhouses continues.


Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters Association Board Member Ahmet Dumanci said that they have completed their overseas orders for Valentine’s Day.

Stating that they exported 70 million branches of flowers for this special day, Dumanci stated that they provided a foreign exchange inflow of $7 million in return.

Stating that they exported at the same levels as last year, Dumanci said, “European countries come first in international sales. England and the Netherlands buy most of them. Apart from these, we also receive serious demands from countries such as Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.”

Pointing out that the flower industry is more active on special days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Women’s Day, Dumanci noted that production is made in different colors for each special day.


Explaining that red-dominated production is made specifically for February 14, Dumanci said, “Our most important product in exports is carnation. We produced nearly 60% of red carnations for Valentine’s Day. Red color is preferred more on February 14 because it expresses love.”

Dumanci added that they were able to sell abroad for 12 months with greenhouse and plateau production and that they were targeting an export of $180 million this year as a sector.

Source: NTV / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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