Turkiye’s olive oil exports increased by 50%

The amount of Turkiye’s olive oil exports in the 2021-2022 season increased by 50% compared to the previous period and reached $201 million 687 thousand.

According to the information compiled from the Aegean Exporters’ Association data, Turkiye continued its trade with more than 120 countries in the 2021-2022 olive oil export season, which ended on October 31.

Olive oil exports increased from 44 thousand tons to 58 thousand tons with an increase of 32% on amount compared to the previous season, and increased by 50% on value basis from $134 million 877 thousand to $201 million 687 thousand.

The country with the highest olive oil export was the USA with $75 million.

This country was followed by Spain with $24 million, Japan with $17 million, Saudi Arabia with $10 million and the United Arab Emirates with $5 million.

The rate of packaged products in olive oil exports is 53%

Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters’ Association President Davut Er said that Turkiye has achieved a significant success in olive oil exports.

Expressing that packaged olive oil exports amounted to $107 million dollars, Er said, “We sent 53% of our total olive oil exports as packaged. This season, our olive oil sector reached the highest figures in its history, we left behind a successful season. In the 2022/2023 season, 730 thousand tons of olive and 420 thousand tons of olive oil harvest are predicted. If these figures can be reached, we are faced with a picture seen for the first time in the history of Turkiye. With these figures, Turkiye will rise to the first place in the world in table olives and the second in olive oil.”

Davut Er stated that they set a target of $500 million in olive, olive oil and pomace exports for the next season.

Pointing out that the yield is low in Spain, which dominates the sector, Er said, “The European Union needs Turkish olive oil, so it has to focus on alternative markets.”

“The developments in the world olive oil market are in favor of Turkiye”

Akhisar Commodity Exchange Chairman Alper Alhat also stated that Turkiye has a historical yield in olive and olive oil this year.

Stating that there are 14 million olive trees in Akhisar, Alhat said:

“We are in the first place especially in table olives. We have started the new season to produce the best quality olive oil in the country with approximately 40 thousand tons of olive oil harvest and 67 olive and olive oil enterprises. Positive developments in the domestic market have also reflected positively on exports. The developments in the world olive oil market are in favor of Turkiye. While the olive yield in the world is declining, there is an incredible increase in Turkiye. This will be a great opportunity for exports. We think that the numbers will increase this year as well, because we are talking about a product that is not available in the world, but is abundant in us. Therefore, I would like to state that we have a very valuable product. For this reason, I think we will experience a great increase in exports.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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