87% of the targeted collection in additional MTV was realized

In the first installment of the additional MTV, which was brought to heal the wounds of the earthquake, 87% of the targeted collection of approximately ₺13.2 billion -was realized.

According to the information obtained from the Revenue Administration (GIB), the first installment collection figures for the additional MTV payments brought within the scope of “national mobilization” to meet the financing needs of the region after the Kahramanmaras-centered earthquakes that affected 11 provinces on February 6 have been announced.

An arrangement was made for the additional MTV, which was created once only to contribute to meeting the need, to be paid in two equal installments in August and November 2023.

Accordingly, as of September 22, 2023, an additional MTV of ₺13 billion 157 million 597 thousand 71 was paid for 9 million 919 thousand 966 vehicles in the first installment period. Thus, 87% of the expected collection as of the first installment period was realized.

Second installment payments due in November

It is aimed to obtain a total income of ₺30 billion from Additional MTV with the second installment to be paid in November. With ₺13.2 billion entering the safe with the first installment, 43.8% of the target set for the two periods has been paid.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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