AI assistant Cere will be offered to users on locally manufactured MIPO smartphones

New generation technology company Cerebrum Tech and local smartphone manufacturer MIPO are collaborating on mid- and upper-segment smartphone models that the company will launch in May. Cerebrum Tech’s artificial intelligence assistant Cere, designed with Turkiye’s first 3D avatar, will be offered to the user with a free Pro version on MIPO smartphones.

Cerebrum Tech, a new generation technology company operating on artificial intelligence, games and web3, and local smartphone manufacturer MIPO announced that they have signed a collaboration that will bring artificial intelligence to smart devices.

MIPO, which is preparing to launch its upper segment M46 Plus and flagship M59 models in May, will offer Cere, the artificial intelligence assistant application developed by Cerebrum Tech, to its customers with a 1-month free pro version, on both these new smartphone models and existing phones on the market.

Developed based on large language modeling (LLM), Cere was designed as an artificial intelligence chat companion that can answer all the questions that users of all ages wonder in daily life. Cere, which stands out as Turkiye’s first artificial intelligence application with a 3D avatar, reached 890 thousand individual and corporate users in a short period of one year.

Artificial Intelligence Assistant: Cere

Cerebrum Tech Founder and Chairman of the Board Dr. Erdem Erkul said the following in his statement;

“This collaboration between Cere, Turkiye’s first 3D artificial intelligence, and Mipo, one of Turkiye’s domestic phone brands, is very valuable in terms of strengthening our country’s place in the industry. This collaboration proves to us that artificial intelligence has now taken its place in human life and has become a necessity. We will continue at full speed with this and similar studies aimed at making human life easier with artificial intelligence.”

Mipo Chairman of the Board of Directors Emir Aral said;

“As Mipo, our main focus is to provide added value and create new employment areas by producing technology. The competence and equipment provided by our 40 years of industry experience have given us the opportunity to produce new products today. We not only produce mobile phones, but also plan to offer our different technological products to consumers in the near future, and aim to be one of the most preferred phone brands in Turkiye. In this sense, we can say that 2024 will be a year of breakthrough in which we take firm steps towards our goals. We will continue to launch our new products developed in our R&D center and our technology investments.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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