Ak Portföy Sabancı Group Companies Fund Rings the Opening Bell at Borsa Istanbul

Ak Portföy, with its innovative investment management approach, continues to develop products and services tailored to the needs and expectations of savers. In this context, the Ak Portföy Sabancı Group Companies Fund, offering investment opportunities in all publicly listed companies of the Sabancı Group, was introduced to investors through a bell-ringing ceremony hosted by Borsa Istanbul.

The Ak Portföy Sabancı Group Companies Fund allows investors to invest in Sabancı Group companies across various sectors, including banking and financial services, energy, industry, and digital, with a single transaction and no minimum limit.

During the ceremony, Ak Portföy’s CEO, Mehmet Ali Ersarı, expressed the company’s commitment to supporting savers in reaching their investment goals. He highlighted the significant contributions made by Ak Portföy’s products to shaping the future of the investment world, stating, “With an asset size exceeding 500 billion lira, we continue to lead the strong transformation in the investment sector in our country and rank among the world’s top 500 asset management companies. With nearly a quarter-century of experience, we are committed to leading the powerful transformation in the investment sector in our country.”

Ersarı emphasized the company’s belief in the future of the country and capital markets, drawing energy from their commitment to meeting investors’ needs and developing solutions tailored to those needs. He added, “As Ak Portföy, with a focus on quality and product leadership, we design innovative services that pioneer the shaping of the future investment world, aiming to make a greater contribution to our society. In this context, we are introducing the Ak Portföy Sabancı Group Companies Fund to investors, demonstrating our focus and determination to add value to our investors’ savings.”

Ersarı underscored the unique role of the Ak Portföy Sabancı Group Companies Fund in providing investment opportunities in all Sabancı Group companies, spanning banking, financial services, energy, industry, digital, and more. He expressed confidence that this fund, connecting Turkey with the world and holding a special place in the hearts of the community, will attract significant interest.

Concluding his statement, Ersarı wished for the success of the Ak Portföy Sabancı Group Companies Fund, anticipating that it would breathe new life into the capital markets and serve as a valuable investment option for savers.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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