Aksa Energy will build a new natural gas power plant in Uzbekistan

Aksa Energy Production Inc. will increase its total capacity in the country to 1,170 megawatts with a new natural gas combined cycle power plant in Uzbekistan with an installed capacity of 430 megawatts.

According to Aksa Energy Production Inc’s statement on the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), on November 9, 2023, Aksa Energy Production Inc. signed an agreement with NEGU (National Electric Grid of Uzbekistan) affiliated with the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan, which includes the establishment and operation of a natural gas combined cycle power plant with an installed capacity of 430 megawatts in Talimarcan, Uzbekistan.

In this context, the company will increase its installed power in Uzbekistan, where it has been carrying out commercial production since the first quarter of last year with a total of 3 power plants and 740 megawatts of installed power in the cities of Tashkent and Bukhara, to 1,170 megawatts with the new power plant to be established in Talimercan.

The natural gas required for electricity production at the power plant will be provided free of charge by the Government of Uzbekistan, and the sales price of the electricity to be produced has been determined within the scope of a 25-year US dollar-based guaranteed capacity fee.

The construction of Talimercan Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant will start after the necessary land allocations. The aim is to complete the construction within 12 months and put the power plant into operation.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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