Amazon is establishing a logistics base in Turkey: Recruitment has begun

Amazon plans to create employment with its first logistics base in Turkey, which it aims to open in Istanbul in the autumn of 2022.

Sharing its investment plans in Turkey with the public in a statement made today, Amazon plans to create employment for more than a thousand employees in a year, with the first logistics base in Turkey that it aims to open in Istanbul in the fall of 2022.

While an investment of over $100 million is planned for the new logistics base to be established, it is aimed to meet the recently increasing customer demand.

Launched in Turkey in 2018, has not only offered millions of products to its customers since its establishment, but has created employment for more than 500 people to date. While providing qualified employment in the region with the logistics base to be commissioned in Turkey in line with its long-term business strategies, Amazon will continue to provide fast and reliable delivery services to its customers.

1000 people employment project with an investment of $100 million from Amazon to Turkey

Amazon will start the recruitment processes for center functions such as engineering, human resources, accounting, operations and information processing (IT) for the new FBA Base to be established in Tuzla, while recruitment for customer service and logistics teams will begin in the coming months.

Amazon will continue to work with partners that already provide delivery services.

Sharing his comments about Amazon’s investment in Turkey, President of the Presidential Investment Office Ahmet Burak Daglioglu;

“As we always emphasize, with its strong, resilient and fast-growing economy, Turkey is in the focus of international investors thanks to its unique strategic location, production capabilities, wide talent pool, logistics infrastructure and liberal investment environment.

With this value proposition we have, we are a regional center for the activities of international investors in many fields such as R&D, design, production, logistics, education and management. The investment decision that will be Amazon’s first logistics base in Turkey, which prioritizes sustainability and green transformation and creates employment, has been a concrete example of these discourses.

This investment is very important for our e-commerce sector, which has gained great momentum in recent years, with our ever-developing logistics infrastructure under the leadership of our President, to further strengthen it in the domestic and export markets.

As the Presidential Investment Office, we are pleased to share this investment decision with the public, which we have followed since the beginning of the process and supported by working closely with the Amazon team both in the field and in the bureaucratic processes. We would like to express our gratitude to the Amazon team, who trusted and invested in our country.”

Source: Shiftdelete / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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