At least 1 gram of gold can be produced by refineries

According to the circular issued by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, refineries will now be able to produce at least 1 gram and maximum 100 grams of gold.

A Circular Amending the Circular on Printed Precious Metals to be Produced by Refineries has been published on the Ministry’s website.

Accordingly, printed precious metals can only be produced in rectangular form. Printed gold can be produced with a minimum weight of 1 gram, maximum 100 grams, silver minimum 50 grams, maximum 500 grams, platinum and palladium minimum 2.5 grams, maximum 250 grams.

In the previous regulation, the minimum production limit of printed gold was set at “0.5” grams.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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